Missing papers, incorrect documents, misconceptions – usually in the worst possible moment.

Let us take care of it for you. By working with an experienced Swiss logistics company, this is a breeze and can be done quickly.

Under time pressure or not, we will organize cargo – you choose between FOB / EXW / DDU.

Glossary for Incoterms


You want low shipping costs, have a large volume and you are not in a hurry? Then sea freight is best suited.


The sea is the optimal shipping option when there is no time pressure. The journey towards Europe begins in the port of Hong Kong. Until the ship arrives in Antwerp, it lays back its route via Singapore, India, Africa and Spain. Depending on the weather conditions at sea, it takes between 4-5 weeks. From Antwerp to Switzerland the goods arrive by truck, which again means an additional 1-2 weeks.


  • goods for an event is a perfect example for sea freight, because planning often starts many months in advance and you therefore have no urgency. Also, the volume requirements are met.
  • no urgent delivery date – why not take a few weeks longer and save half of the transport costs?
  • generate bulk orders and split the costs of a container with other parties
  • the ships are protected against piracy by the military, which accompanies the convoy


More recently it also became possible to send the cargo from China to Europe by train. The train freight usually arrives within one month.


The “new Silk Road” with its 13’000 kilometers is the longest railroad in the world and extends from Yiwu (China) all the way to Madrid. The train is an environmentally friendly alternative to ships and planes.

Pricewise it lies exactly between the sea – and airfreight.


  • shorter delivery times than ocean freight
  • to prevent theft, trained security guards accompany the cargo
  • delivery time can be determined more accurately, less delays than sea freight


You have a small to medium volume shipment and prefer quick delivery times? Air freight arrives on schedule within 3-5 days.


Air freight is the most popular transportation option in our business. The delivery time can be accurately calculated, because weather changes do not affect the freight. Since multiple aircraft arrive in Europe daily, there are almost never any delays – there is always a safe place for your shipment.


  • air freight normally has no delays
  • fast delivery at good rates
  • we place bulk orders (usually once a week) to keep freight costs low for individuals


Time is short and the goods must arrive at a specific agreed-upon time?


Express shipment has a delivery time of 3 days and therefore allows for a quick delivery when needed.
This type of delivery is generally applicable only if this is the last chance to obtain goods within a short time frame as costs can be rather expensive, depending on volume.


Please note: not every product can be express shipped! Excluded are:

– power banks
– devices with batteries
– magnetic products
– items which contain fluids (eg light pens, heating pads, etc.)